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Mission 50

Development, Construction, Management
John Nastasi, D&G Interiors
Hoboken, New Jersey
Setting out to create a productive workspace for Hoboken's professional community, JDA developed Mission 50 to provide flexible, short-term office solutions to local business ventures of all shapes and sizes. From single-desk day passes to short and long-term commercial office solutions, Mission 50 brings together a diverse group of professionals under one roof. In establishing the Mission 50 brand, JDA overhauled what was once the Hoboken Business Center with a complete refurbishment of interior spaces, upgraded systems with state of the art technology, and increased capacity to expand business offerings.

“Mission50 is the perfect think tank for entrepreneurs and visionaries to come together and enhance their productivity while feeling good about coming to work every day. I am excited and honored to be part of the Mission50 family.”