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The Boundary

Development, Construction, Management
Erdy McHenry Architecture LLC
Hoboken, New Jersey
The Boundary project brings 200 residential units; 175,000 square feet of commercial and medical offices; and 40,000 square feet of street-level retail to the Hoboken and Jersey City communities. Representing a five-year commitment from JDA Development, this master plan is unique as it straddles the boundary line between Hoboken and Jersey City. In addition to benefiting the community with space to work, shop, and socialize, The Boundary was also designed to address long-standing environmental challenges in the area. Because southwest Hoboken is notorious for flooding (to the degree that locals know to avoid the area when it rains) JDA and architect Erdy McHenry incorporated storm-management measures like cleaner ways to express the scope of storm water mitigation on the ground level and functional green roofs to collect and distribute rain water. Facing these obstacles head-on transformed this multifaceted development into a true community revitalization.

“The Boundary represents an idea about living in a new condition that’s urban, pedestrian oriented, and ecologically responsible.”